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Facebook Ads Masterclass Presale

Complete up-to-date Facebook Ads training to get more leads and clients for your business launching Sept 2017.


No-Risk 100% Guarantee

You will have 30 days to trial Facebook Ads Masterclass risk-free (once it's launched), and if you don’t love the content and training included – you can can get a full refund.

Sign up for this NEW TRAINING on how to create high-converting, low-cost Facebook Ads on less than $10/day.

More Traffic... More Opt-ins... More Sales!

Have you tried already doing Facebook Ads yourself?

It might have seemed easy, especially that tempting button on your Page to Boost Posts to get your fans to see them.

But after a few attempts at Ads you realised there is more to it because it's complicated… Or maybe you are planning to run your first Ad soon but you've heard enough horror stories about campaigns going wrong and costs shooting through the roof.

I passionately believe in this: If you want your business to grow, thrive and be a huge success today, Facebook Marketing is one of THE most powerful tools you can use.

But like any powerful tool, it's more complicated than what many people realise.

Does this sound like you?

  • Your ads are getting denied and you aren’t sure why.
  • You’re spending too much money on your ads and not seeing any results.
  • Your email list is growing one drop at a time.
  • You’re promoting your webinars and events, but nobody’s signing up.
  • You know you need to use Facebook ads, but you’re afraid you will fail if you do it yourself.

Facebook Marketing (that works!) is all about connecting with the RIGHT audience, using the RIGHT message and giving them the RIGHT solution. All these elements need to be in place for your Facebook Marketing System to work.

Are you ready to grow your business?

If you are a small business owner, online entrepreneur, shop owner, coach, consultant, service professional, or even an affiliate marketer, then this Facebook Marketing is for you!

There's a common myth that you need to spend a lot of money on Facebook Ads in order to be successful. Or that you need to be all super-tech-savvy to use them.

Fortunately, these things couldn't be further from the truth!

You can TOTALLY profit from Facebook Ads without spending much money. And that is exactly what you will learn in my new Masterclass here.


I'm Sharing My Proven Step-by-Step System for Growing Your Business With Facebook Ads on Less Than $10 A Day!

There are over 1.4 billion people on Facebook, who use it every day. What does that mean for your business? It means that your ideal customers are on Facebook!

However last year Facebook announced that the "free marketing" opportunity is over. And if you want to reach your customers and fans with promotional posts and offers - you will have to spend some $$ in order for them to see your posts.

That's why it's EXACTLY the right time to understand how to use Facebook Ads to grow your business.

And as a beginner starting out with Facebook Ads, you can grow a profitable business while only spending a few dollars or pounds per day.

In this Facebook Ads Masterclass, you will learn step-by-step proven approach how to get started using Facebook Ads so that you can start seeing immediate results - without the fear of wasting your time and money on trial & error.


  • 1 - Step-by-step guide on how to get started with Facebook Ads and create your first successful Ad to promote a business offer: lead magnet (optin), webinar, event, teleconference etc.
  • 2 - How to create Facebook Ads images that get CLICKS and get approved by Facebook every time!
  • 3 - How to organise your account so that tracking Ads performance and $$$ you spend is super-easy and straight-forward.
  • 4 - How to create conversion pixels to track signups and registrations, and how to add them to the right web pages.
  • 5 - How my clients have multiple 5 and 6 figure launches by using Facebook Ads.



Yes! If you ...

  • Are an ambitious business owner who wants to get new subscribers for your email list, new leads and new customers through Facebook.
  • Have a Facebook business page and are fed up of boosting posts without any returns, so you are ready to learn the right way to promote your posts!
  • Have many fans on Facebook, yet are not getting any enquires or sales for your business, or struggle to get reach and engagement for your posts.
  • Have tried using Facebook Ads, but didn't get any results, or even struggled to pass the approval stage.
  • Want to quickly grow your business by attracting your ideal customers to your offers, events, webinars and products.
  • Are an action-taker, goal-oriented, ready to implement what you will learn in practice to see amazing results.

No! If you ...

  • Don't have any offers, events or lead magnets to promote now and you don't plan to create any in the future
  • Don't believe in paying to reach your Facebook fans and only want to use free marketing.
  • Are overwhelmed by any new technology or online tools and can't envisage yourself implementing this training in practice.
  • Are happy to keep trying to use Facebook Ads on your own, trying and testing different ideas, picking up free training here and there, rather than investing in a step-by-step proven approach.
  • Don't want to achieve explosive growth in your business and are happy with your current results, sales and enquiries.
  • Are a "learning junkie" collecting new ecourses and programs, but hardly ever implementing anything 100% in your business.

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